The Ukrainian private firm "Gardian-Plus" introduces its own plant for producing Christmas Tree Decorations.

The highly skilled glass-blowing specialists create a wide spectrum of souvenir production of different forms.

Every handmade toy is unique and special in its essence and design. It gives us not only the whole spectrum of colours and its brightness but warmth of human hands and the beauty of the Artist's Soul. Every stage of toy processing is under the supervision and control of highly qualified masters.

Our highly skilled painters are able to create paintings on the basis of customer’s sketches. The plant is able to print logos and emblems of firms and companies on the Christmas Tree Decorations.


All production is made of high quality medical glass of Ukrainian origin. For painting we use high quality materials from the famous world producers KAISERLACKE and NERCHAU, designed especially for such type of souvenir production and certified in Europe.

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Christmas Tree Decoration from our Exclusive Collection:
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Our original and easily identified packing not only provides the safety of production but has an aesthetical sense and allows to use Christmas tree decorations as presents.

The plant is able to print logos and emblems on the Christmas tree decorations. For screen printing we use high quality materials of European producers.
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